GWAS Summary Statistics of Smoking behaviors in BioBank Japan Project

This data set provides the summary statistics of Smoking behaviors in the BioBank Japan Project
(Matba N. et al., Nat Hum. Behav. (2019)).

Smoking behaviors include four phenotypes:


Analyzed traits

Trait (Full name) Trait (Abbr.) SEX Type # Case # Control # Total
Age of smoking initiation AI All QTL 30,418
Age of smoking initiation AI Male QTL 23,039
Age of smoking initiation AI Female QTL 7,379
Cigarettes per day CPD All QTL 72,655
Cigarettes per day CPD Male QTL 58,784
Cigarettes per day CPD Female QTL 13,871
Smoking initiation EVERSMK All Case-Control 83,810 81,626 165,436
Smoking initiation EVERSMK Male Case-Control 67,773 21,905 89,638
Smoking initiation EVERSMK Female Case-Control 16,077 59,721 75,798
Smoking cessation FORMER All Case-Control 43,163 32,884 76,047
Smoking cessation FORMER Male Case-Control 36,787 24,909 61,696
Smoking cessation FORMER Female Case-Control 6,376 7,975 14,351


20 summary statistics were included in this data set.
- 4 traits x 3 set (all, male and female) autosomes
- 4 traits x 2 set (male and female) Xchromosomes

File Descriptsions

File Names # variants
${SEX}_2018_${Trait}_BBJ_autosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 5,961,480
Male_2018_AI_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 163,412
Female_2018_AI_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 146,130
Male_2018_CPD_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 166,111
Female_2018_CPD_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 146,114
Male_2018_EVERSMK_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 166,138
Female_2018_EVERSMK_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 146,146
Male_2018_FORMER_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 166,142
Female_2018_FORMER_BBJ_Xchromosome_Pcorrected.txt.gz 146,118

Column Description

Column Description
1 SNP rs number or ID string
2 CHR chromosome
3 POS physical position (hg19)
4 A1 effect allele
5 A2 other allele
6 A1Frq frquency of effect allele
7 Rsq imputation quality
8 BETA effect size from BOLT-LMM approximation to infinitestimal mixed model
9 SE standard error of effect size
10 P LDSC-intercept corrected infinitestimal mixed model association test p-value


When using these summary statistics, please cite the following paper.

Matoba N et al., GWAS of smoking behavior in 165,436 Japanese revealed seven new loci and shared genetic architecture
Nat. Hum. Behav. (2019)


JENGER (the lab website)
The biobank Japan project
National Bioscience Database Center Human Database
RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences