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Aims: Functional analysis of neural cells derived from CHARGE syndrome patients' fibroblast cells

Methods: Establishment of iPS cells from CHARGE syndrome patients' fibroblast cells

Participants/Materials: iPS cells or neuroepithelial-like stem cells induced from iPS cells established from CHARGE syndrome patients' skin fibroblast cells


Data Set IDType of DataCriteriaRelease Date
JGAS00000000131 NGS (ChIP-seq) Controlled Access (Type I) 2018/04/06

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CHARGE syndrome patient (ICD10: Q878): 3 cases

(2 samples each, total 4 samples)

Targets ChIP-seq
Target Loci for Capture Methods -
Platform Illumina [HiSeq 2500]
Library Source

DNAs extracted from long-term self-renewing neuroepithelial-like stem cells induced from iPS cells established from skin fibroblasts of CHARGE syndrome patients

anti-histone antibody (H3K27ac) was used for immunoprecipitation

Cell Lines -
Library Construction (kit name) KAPA Hyper Preparation kit
Fragmentation Methods Ultrasonic fragmentation (Covaris S2)
Spot Type Single-end
Read Length (without Barcodes, Adaptors, Primers, and Linkers) 50 bp
Japanese Genotype-phenotype Archive Data set ID JGAD00000000142
Total Data Volume

9 GB

  Data files : 16 (fastq)

  Analysis files : 8 (wig [ref: hg19])

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Principal Investigator: Hideyuki Okano

Affiliation: Keio University School of Medicine

Project / Group Name: -

Funds / Grants (Research Project Number):

NameTitleProject Number
Research Center Network for Realization of Regenerative Medicine Centers for Clinical Application Research on Specific Disease/Organ Regenerative medicine for spinal cord injury and stroke using human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural precursor cells 16bm0204001h0004
Research Project for Practical Application of Regenerative Medicine, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) Mechanism of tumorigenesis of human iPSC-derived neural progenitor/stem cells 15bk0104009h0003



TitleDOIData Set ID
1 Chromatin remodeler CHD7 regulates the stem cell identity of human neural progenitors doi: 10.1101/gad.301887.117 JGAD00000000142


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