NBDC Research ID: hum0126.v1



Aims: To identify the novel disease susceptibility genes for Childhood Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome

Methods: GWAS

Participants/Materials: Healthy controls and Childhood Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome patients


Data Set IDType of DataCriteriaRelease Date
hum0126.v1.gwas.v1 GWAS for 224 Childhood Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome patients and 419 healthy adult controls Un-restricted Access 2018/04/27

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Participants/Materials 224 Childhood Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome patients (ICD10: N049) and 419 healthy adult controls
Targets genome wide SNPs
Target Loci for Capture Methods -
Platform Affymetrix [Japonica Array v1]
Library Source DNAs extracted from peripheral blood cells
Cell Lines -
Reagents (Kit, Version) Axiom 2.0 Reagent kit
Genotype Call Methods (software) Axiom Analysis suite
Filtering Methods Sample Call rate < 0.97, SNP call rate < 0.97, HWE P < 0.0001, MAF < 0.05
Marker Number (after QC) 495,887 SNPs (hg19)
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Principal Investigator: Kazumoto Iijima

Affiliation: Department of Pediatrics, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine

Project / Group Name: The Research Consortium on Genetics of Childhood Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome in Japan

Funds / Grants (Research Project Number):

NameTitleProject Number
Platform Program for Promotion of Genome Medicine, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) Identification of disease susceptible genes and drug sensitive genes in childhood nephrotic syndrome JP17km0405108h0005



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