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Aims: The genomic biology of ampullary carcinomas is currently poorly defined, we have conducted an in-depth analysis of the genomic abnormalities of these carcinomas through an international multicenter collaboration to establish a potential basis for treatments of this disease.

Methods: Whole exome sequencing was performed on the Illumina HiSeq 2000/2500 platforms in a discovery set of 60 ampullary carcinomas.

Participants/Materials: We investigated a large cohort of clinically and pathologically well-characterized patients with ampullary cancer that included 28 Japanese patients and 32 American patients.


Data Set IDType of DataCriteriaRelease Date
DRA004251 NGS (Exome) Un-restricted Access 2016/02/05

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60 patients with an ampullary cancer

(28 Japanese patients and 32 American patients)

Targets Exome
Target Loci for Capture Methods -
Platform Illumina [HiSeq 2000/2500]
Library Source gDNAs extracted from ampullary carcinomas specimen
Cell Lines -
Library Construction (kit name) SureSelect Human All Exon Kit v4.0 (Agilent Technologies)
Fragmentation Methods Ultrasonic fragmentation (Covaris SS)
Spot Type Paired-end
Read Length (without Barcodes, Adaptors, Primers, and Linkers) 100 bp x 2
DDBJ Sequence Read Archive ID DRA004251
Total Data Volume 600 GB (fastq)
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Principal Investigator: Shinichi Yachida

Affiliation: Laboratory of Clinical Genomics, National Cancer Center Research Institute / Department of Cancer Genome Informatics, Graduate School of Medicine/Faculty of Medicine, Osaka University

Project / Group Name:

URL: http://www.ncc.go.jp/jp/information/press_release_20160126.html

Funds / Grants (Research Project Number):

Name Title Project Number
KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas Molecular pathological analysis and prediction of clinical course of a rare tumor by systematic approach to biology 25134719



TitleDOIData Set ID
1 Genomic Sequencing Identifies ELF3 as a Driver of Ampullary Carcinoma doi: 10.1016/j.ccell.2015.12.012 DRA004251
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