hum0009 Release Note


Research IDRelease DateType of Data
hum0009.v3 2015/08/03 NGS (PBAT)
hum0009.v2 2015/01/07 methylation rate at each CpG site
hum0009.v1 2014/12/24 NGS (PBAT)



The access level of JGAD00000000006 (Controlled Access [Type I]) was changed to "Un-restricted Access" (DRA003802). You can have the data through the DRA site.



The methylation level of each cytosine was calculated using the Bismark methylation extractor. For CpG sites, reads from both strands were combined to calculate the methylation levels.



Whole genome bisulfite sequencing libraries were prepared using the post-bisulfite adaptor tagging (PBAT) method. DNAs extracted from human oocytes, sperm, preimplantation embryos, and cord blood cells were applied the method. PBAT libraries were sequenced on the HiSeq 2000/2500 platform (Illumina) with 100 bp single-end reads.